Rest in peace my beautiful little boy

Today I want to thank you for being the best friend I've had in 17 years.
You were always there, always excited to see me when I came home.
You didn't leave before I returned home over summer.
I will miss you so so much.
Today I'm heartbroken.

Rest in peace Gohan,
I love you.

It's almost Christmas

Hi there -

Here's an update, or something.
To be honest, not a lot has happened in the past weeks.
I'm still unemployed, I'm still homesick and I still to go SFI.

Maybe not for that long though, last Thursday I had two exams: one for hearing and one to see my writing skill.
Today -tun tun tun- I have speaking and reading.
I'm terrified of speaking Swedish, so much so that I still haven't said a word in Swedish to my boyfriend.
Whom I live with.
For over a year now.

''It's ridiculous'', I know, but anxiety and all that.

I also might have a job soon, it's basically someone who watches children in school while they're playing outside. You also get to read with them etc etc.
Good times? Maybe. I haven't had a job like that before so we'll see. I'm up to try everything once.

The homesick front will probably stay unchanged until we go back there, so that's a bummer.

I'm also not too hyped about Christmas this year, not sure why, just not really feeling it for some reason.
Which is weird because it's been snowing and all that (it's all melting again RIGHT NOW though).
Ohwell, who knows, maybe as the weekend approaches it'll feel more christmassy.

I just remember I haven't actually written about this yet but ehm

I'm over the moon. Boyfriend not so much.
He's not the biggest GnR fan and knows about 3 songs but hey, he offered and I couldn't refuse.

Alright, now I have to prepare to go to SFI because my exam starts in +- an hour.