Homer update

 So this is a thing now, we started walking homer.
It's finally getting a little warmer up here in the not-so-high-north and with the hopes and dreams of us having a house in (atleast) 16 years, we figured the cat should get used to being outside.
We (or I) have taken him out 3 times now and he's loving it.
Whenever we come back inside he starts meowing and showing his objection of being back inside.
Unfortunately for you, little buddy, we still have a while to go until you can become used to being the hunter that you naturally are. And unfortunately for us, this means you will still have a lot of energy and throw all of our things down at around 3 AM.

We will get there.


Walking Homer 🐈🌱

A post shared by Kirsten-Ann Djuricek (@damselinstress) on May 1, 2017 at 9:20am PDT

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