First time: Mushroom picking

Hello, hey, hi!
It's been a while and I KNOW I said I would do the blogpost in the weekend but we had an unexpected trip and an unexpected cleaning session which prevented me from writing (or doing anything else) this weekend.

So, as the title already spoils: I have never been mushroom picking. Christian and I have talked about it a couple of times, and we we're going to pick a date to do so. It is chanterelle season, also known as 'the gold of the forest', and I thought it would be a nice experience to find some ourselves! Whilst at work I heard two colleagues chat about going and searching for these little nuggets of mushroom heaven, I was intrigued. They asked me if I had ever been and told me about their plans to go in the weekend. Luckily, I was asked to join.

Saturday morning came and I got ready making sure I had everything packed: my bottle of water, my paper bags to store the mushrooms in, my camera and my phone. At 11:00 AM we got picked up and headed to our destination. It had rained the night before so we expected to find loads! Apparently mushrooms like water.

After walking around for quite some time and not finding anything we moved to a new location where we found many different types of mushrooms! Most of them not edible, but pretty anyways! We also found disgustingly large anthills which gave me the creeps since the little black beasts of horror were already climbing up my shoes and legs. I felt itchy the whole way through after, blegh. 20 thousand mosquito bites later we finally found them! They weren't many and they weren't big, but they were some!

After roaming around searching every inch that we could see, we decided to call it quits and go get some icecream before heading home. Unfortunately we didn't end up with a whole lot, maybe 3 or 4 decent sized ones, but I'm happy that we went. Since I moved here I haven't really been in a forest like we had been on Saturday and I enjoyed it thoroughly, apart from the mosquito bites. I might want to go and look some other time, or maybe just wonder through these forests. There is something magical about walking through the wet moss and see the sun peek through the trees every now and then.

All in all I give this experience a big 9/10 because even if we didn't find what we were looking for, we found a whole lot of other things.


First time: Sushi Yama

So Saturday I had this craving for sushi which I wanted to quench the next day, unfortunately the sushi place that's nearby is closed on sundays. I took it upon myself to find something else that was nearby when my memories took me to the Korean BBQ place in Amsterdam (Miss Korea) and reminded me of the amazing bibimbap that I had. As my craving hopped from one place to the next I asked my boyfriend if he'd be up for sushi since we have not had any for a while. As he said yes I started my search for something that would satisfy. Luckily enough I found a place called Sushi Yama. I had seen the place before but we had never been there. As I looked through the online menu I was ecstatic to see that they didn't just serve sushi.. they had bibimbap.

Upon arrival I was excited, the place looked very modern and very clean.
Three women were stood behind the counter as another couple ordered their food.
We looked through the menu again as my boyfriend decided he was going with the Grilled Chicken Poké Bowl and I stuck to my Yakiniku (grilled meat) Bibimbap plan, with a side order of Chuka Ika Sansai (squid salad).
As we moved to the counter we were greeted warmly by one of the employeed, she took our order and we were told we could have some free miso soup.

We sat down and our food came out maybe 5 minutes later.

The bibimbap I'm used to is usually scalding hot and fragrant so I have to say I was a little disappointed when there was neither scent nor heat. As I started mixing my food together I tasted some of the Chuka Ika Sansai, which tasted great. The Bibimbap was okay, despite the rice being lukewarm and the kimchi being a little bland for my taste.

Overall it was an okay experience and I am likely to go back, mostly because it is difficult to find this kind of food over here and I would like to check out some more things on their menu. Maybe next time I will actually go for some sushi.

Make sure you bookmark the blog somewhere since we will be in Amsterdam soon and I will vlog/blog things! (maybe not as I am there, but definitely when I am back!)

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