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Hej, it's been a while!

Sorry for my absence but the last few weeks have been something.
I had my birthday, I unpacked, we got the cat, I went to SFI and got a job.
So here's a quick tour of my last few weeks, mostly the highligts.
I've been ill a lot in the first weeks of november, including my birthday.
I didn't do a whole lot, I just streamed on my birthday and the day after.
Finally managed to unpack all things which is a great thing, the not so great side of this is that the cat learned how to climb and likes to show off his skills. He climbs in the tv-furniture, on the stove, the desks, the windowsils.. it is insane. Today he decided to show some of these new skills and managed to break an owl statue that I brought from The Netherlands. You can probably imagine that I was quite upset.

On the 9th of November, Christian's grandmother took me to a farm where mentally handicapped people work. It was a lovely little farm. They have cows, pigs, sheep, chicken and some horses. They also make their own pickled-produce and marmelades. The picture above is taken from the farm, it's not the farm itself. Afterwards we went to the library in the city and had some lunch. It was a nice day.
Two days after I took a big step.
I took the bus downtown on my own!
After visiting the library and hearing about how it's free to borrow anything and you don't need to pay for a card, I decided to sign up. After all I'll need to start reading Swedish and it should come in handy! I managed to get the card and checked out some of the books they had. I also needed a new winter coat so being in the neighbourhood I decided to take a look. Unfortunately everything I liked was too long and made me look like.. I don't know.. a wrapped up sausage in a trashbag? Maybe in January..
I also got my letter from SFI (Swedish for immigrants) that I had to start class on the 21st, so I did.
That day was really an introduction day, they told us about the programme and about the rules.
I also got to do a test because the lady said that anyone who understood her should take a test.
My understanding of the language is pretty okay, unfortunately I do not know how to speak/write a whole lot so I still got placed in a beginners class. The way I got informed was that SFI would only take up one day, when I was there the plans changed.. a lot. Now I go to school 5 days a week for 4 hours. Now this doesn't sound like a whole lot, but the hours are very annoying. They keep changing from morning (8-12) to midday (12.30-15.30 or 16.30) and it's very annoying to get into this routine.

On top of that I now work 20 hours a week (yay!).
It's at a konditori down town, a place where you can have coffee and fika (swedish sweets/sandwiches you have with your coffee/tea for a little break). It's been my second day there today but so far it's going pretty well I'd say, and it's a nice place/way to practise my Swedish. Thank God people are understanding of the fact that I do not speak it that much yet, but even in two days I've already noticed I started speaking it a lot more to the customers.(Thanks again Victoria & mormor!)

As you can imagine though this is as much as having a fulltime job, plus having to do the housework and homework for school and the cat and everything!
I feel incredibly tired and excited at the same time. Having a job means having money to do things which we did, but now it feels less onesided. It just feels so much better when you can pay your own bills.
I will try to keep this updated, preferably a little more than once a month, and you will hear from me soon!
Hejdå <3