(late) weekly update

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This week we've done relatively little, in comparison to the other weeks.
Done some weekly shopping, gone out for dinner, oh and we got a cat baby.

Everybody, meet Homer.
I missed my cat at home so much that we decided to get ourselves a new furbaby.
So we've been to ikea to get some things to make the house a bit more cat-friendly.
We got a new laundry basket, another 'wardrobe-with-drawer-thing-for-in-your-wardrobe' (I know what I mean, that's good enough and a spicerack to make my life in the kitchen easier.
This week will mostly be dedicated to the little ray of sunshine that's currently in our lives, I will go buy him more toys, give him a lot of love and try to make sure that he feels at home. Other than that I'm mostly planning on streaming and maybe going to the park once, but that might have to wait.

I'll (ofcourse) give you updates on Homer, the little homie.
That's it for now, it's been a long day and i need a nap.

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