My first week

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It's almost been a week since I moved to the beauty that is Sweden and a lot of things have happened.
On the 7th of October we (my mum, my uncle and I) started driving from Amsterdam to Sweden at 6 in the morning, which was a little later than planned, but that always happens. As I said goodbye to my father we continued to put everything in the car. Unfortunately we made a little error with how many boxes fit in the car, so I had to leave some of my stuff behind. This was the beginning of the delay. 
As we headed for the border of Germany I had a harder time staying awake since I only slept approximately 2 hours beforehand. I think I napped through atleast 20% of the journey. We drove through The Netherlands (obviously), Germany, Denmark and ultimately Sweden. The first three countries were incredibly similar, Denmark having a couple more hills. And eventhough I was very excited to be moving, it wasn't enough to keep me awake through the boring countries that are The Netherlands and Germany. As we approached Hamburg we got onto the road that goes over the Elbe river, the traffic slowed down, majorly. It went from 100 to 80 to 30 kilometers per hour. Horrible, horrible, horrible.
We finally arrived in Denmark and decided it was time for some coffee and some lunch since it was around lunchtime now. We stopped at a place called Monarch and boy I wish we didn't. I know Denmark is on the pricey side for everything, but we paid €3.20 for a cup of coffee that didn't even have coffee in it. It was literally water with a hint of coffee. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Never again! Luckily for my mom and uncle, they had a cappuccino which tasted more like coffee.
The sun was setting as we went over the two bridges from Denmark to Sweden. It was a beautiful sight with all the lights from the cars, and the moon reflecting on the water. It felt like we were so close, while it was still a 4 hour drive up there. Unfortunately I fell asleep again as we drove over the second bridge. Halfway through I woke up again, but the Öresundsbron is amazing to drive on.

Now, the route in Sweden wasn't that difficult, literally two highways.. Somehow we still managed to do this wrong. The place we were supposed to go to was only indicated ONCE. So we figured ''Oh it'll be shown again, so we have to stay on this road''. WRONG. We took the wrong road and it took us a loooooooong time to get back on the right road. Thanks to google maps, we got sent into some tiny villages through roads that didn't have any lights. There were warnings for moose, wild boars, and yes, even children. I think it took us a good half an hour to get back to the road we were supposed to be on, from there it should've taken us about an hour.
(I did see a little fox though, so very much worth it! hehe).
The unloading was pretty fast, we arrived around 1.30 and I went to bed around 2, preparing for the next couple of days.

We spent a lot of time with my mom and uncle, showing them where I would come to live, since my family hasn't been here before. We showed them around town, we've been to our local 'Stadsparken', visited a second-hand-shop, and did some groceries so we could have dinner. We also met my boyfriends oldest sister. The day after we went to Tabergstoppen to have some lunch with my boyfriends Grandmother and youngest sister. Eventhough I have a fear of heights, it was a very lovely view and I can't wait to go back there in spring or summer.  When we finished lunch we went to do some more grocery shopping and said goodbye to my family as they started their journey back home.

The days after I've felt very under the weather, and I am finally feeling a bit better. We've started unpacking, been to IKEA to find us some new furniture to fit all our stuff in, been to the tax agency to get me a personal number and today we started to work on getting into contact with SFI so I can start learning Swedish.

And that was about it so far! I'm sorry my post took a while but as you can imagine I've been very busy and this is the first day that I'm actually feeling better! I will try to keep you guys posted more often, I am feeling better now so it shouldn't be that difficult. You'll hear from me soon! Hejdå!


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