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It's been yet another week since the big move.
We got a lot of things done in a shorter time than expected!

First of all, we've wanted a new TV-mount-wall-furniture-piece-thang for quite a while. (Or atleast we've been discussing it since we decided I'd move here). So we got one of those, and a little wardrobe, both from ikea (because d'uh). It took us two days to build them both up because we didn't have the right tools (screwdrivers that wouldn't fit nicely etc.), which was a little frustrating. BUT after all the trouble it is quite worth it!
It looks nice, and most of our things fit in there.

Then, we also went to Skatteverket (the tax agency) to get me my personnummer, which Swedes use for EVERYTHING. At home you basically just need it when you're dealing with for instance your insurances, here, you even need it when you order things online. Anyway, as we filled out the paperwork that we've done so many times (while we didn't have to) we were told that the approval for this 'personnummer' could take up to two months. Which means two months of not getting the opportunity to look for a job, not being able to go sign up for anything, pretty much don't go anywhere to get my Swedish life on track.

However, after calling with SFI (Swedish For Immigrants), they allowed me to come and fill in the paperwork to sign me up for Swedish lessons. Which got approved and my first day of school will be on the 25th of November.
After we got home from the trip to SFI we looked in our mailbox and we already had the letter with my personnummer, after only 3 days! Which means I can sign up for things, look for jobs and get my own bank account and all those good things!

I also decided I want to dye my hair red so that's a thing that'll happen soon, probably next saturday.
Aaaaaaaaaaand I'm super excited for my birthday which is in exactly 2 weeks, and I'm hyped for no reason at all because I don't think we'll be doing a whole lot (probably just play some games).

So yeah, I think that's it for now and as always I'll keep you guys posted!

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