The countdown begins

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It is strange to realise that I only have two weeks of work left before my very last day there.
Especially because I've had so many last days there.. I have been re-hired three or four times at this place.
I am very grateful for them being so generous. I mean we don't exactly get along all the time, but that's what you get when you work in a team. You will have days on which you just straight up want to murder each other, and also days where you love each other.
Other than that I've mostly been sorting out clothes and other things that I want to take with me.
It sure is a task...
I hate how nostalgic I get when I go through old boxes. I've found sunglasses that I got for my 16th or 17th birthday, some old wallets, a chord with animals that I used to have hanging in my closet.. It makes it hard to get rid of things, but I am!(not these things though..) 
I haven't really had a lot of other things happen to me, so that'll be it for today.
It is 17 days until we drive to Sweden, and the countdown continues.

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