The time is coming closer and closer

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For everyone who doesn't know yet, I am moving in with my boyfriend in October.This means I am also moving to another country which is scary and exciting!I feel so blessed to have the option to move to the beautiful country that is Sweden, and to move in with  someone who means so much to me.


It will be a huge journey, one of a lifetime and I hope to share it here.To pick up my blogging more than I ever have.I will spend quite some time wandering around and checking out the environment, and hopefully taking many pictures to share with all who want to see them!


I'll try to blog all my new adventures, whether it is new customs and celebrations, or just taking a trip into the nearby park., From my efforts to learn the language to my days off, I aim to share everything and it'll be here for those who want to read it.


Well, like I said, I'll keep you guys posted!


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