What a day!

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Update time!
Today has been an odd one, it started pretty bad but ended pretty good!
I had to wake up at 06.30 which is incredibly early to me, to get the bus at 07.26.
Now the waking up is one thing, but climbing the hill at 07.10 is another.
As I got up there and was 3 minutes early, I waited and waited in the cold.
07.27.. no bus...07.28... no bus.. okay?
In the mean time the bus that was supposed to leave at 07.38 arrived, and the driver took a small break.
Finally, at a whopping 07.36.
Except for, not woohoo, I stood there for a whopping 13 minutes in the cold while it was snowing..Great!
Thanks to that, I was late to class where I met our 'new' teacher for the first time.
Who ofcourse, gave me shit for being late. Eventhough I would've been on time if the bus would've been there.
Great first impression of me.
Class was alright, we had a break, as we do.
To make up for the bad start I decided to get some nice coffee from Espresso House.
So this Espresso House is in a mall, and it said the store opens at 10 when I looked online.
Not knowing that the entire mall opens at 10.
So I decided to go and just look around some stores whilst waiting for them to open.
As I got there I saw a whole crowd of people just waiting to enter the mall.
We stood there, all together, waiting for 5 minutes before they'd open.
Once again, in the cold, in the snow, just waiting.
then the day changed.
It turned from bad to better to good.
I enjoyed my coffee and the last 2 hours of class weren't too bad.
He even let us go 15 minutes early.
Thanks guy.
As I got home, I decided to stream today.
And guess what?
I started a sims 4 legacy challenge and am super excited about it.
I will try to stream it as much as possible!
I had a very good time as we started our adventure with Rose Phelps and can't wait for what the rest of the legacy will bring us!
I also set up my discord server for Twitch now.
I already had the server but didn't do anything with it.
It now has a channel specially made FOR my legacy challenge where I will update what happens on stream, post screenshots and share the story with everyone who's missed it.
Meet Rose Phelps, a young adult in the area of Willow Creek! This hot-headed art loving aspiring painter is looking for love in all kinds of places. She is the heir of the soon-to-be Phelps dynasty!
I will be playing as her for quite some time!
She's not usually this silly looking! But she just got dazed from fighting her newly made enemy!
If you don't do it already make sure to follow me on twitter and twitch to make sure you never miss a stream!
Aaaand I will be catching you guys later!

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