Gott Nytt År!

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Happy new year!
Something I have heard a lot this year is ''it is the worst year ever''.
Now I know it hasn't been the best year in history, but I also know it is certainly not the worst.
I'm not here to go into all the bad things that have happened in 2016,
instead I decided to write about all the good things that happened, atleast to me.
I thought it'd be a nice little thank you to 2016.
First of all, I know a lot of celebrities and other people have died in 2016, which is horrible.
But it also makes me grateful for the people that I personally know, that death didn't take,
and hopefully won't for a long time.
(I love you mom and dad)
In 2016 I decided to quit school, which might not have been the best decision,
but a good decision regardless.
This means that in 2017 I will have the option to go and discover what career I would want to grow in.
2016 made me meet up with my brother again,
and meet his adorable daughter (can't wait to meet the younger one someday:) )
In 2016 I spent my one year anniversary with the love of my life.
Because of our big plans, I got to quit my job in 2016 after working there for 2 years.
2016 gave us the opportunity to adopt Homer, who we love to death,
even when he pushes our buttons and throws down anything he can find.
2016 has taught me a bit more patience, but I hope 2017 will teach me a lot more of that.
And ofcourse in 2016 I made the life changing move to Sweden.
And so far the first day of 2017 hasn't been too bad either!
After grinding my ass off on WoW I have finally managed to buy the [Darkmoon Dancing Bear]
Would you look at that cutie?
As always, I will try to post more and more!
But quite honestly, not a whole lot has happened I suppose and I don't just want to bramble on about nothing!
But maybe, maybe I should haha!
Either way you will hear from me soon enough!
 image credits go to: wowhead and bestanimations

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