New beginnings.

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As promised, here it is: (one of) the (many) update(s).

First of all, I'm doing fine, this is not a post to get you to worry or anything, like I stated in my previous post I'd like to change the direction of this blog a little.
The reason I started this blog was so I could release my creative juices whilst giving friends and family at home updates on how I'm doing, keeping a diary. The fact of the matter is that when you live somewhere new not every day is going to be an adventure. Almost a year in and honestly, I haven't done nearly as much as I expected. Which is okay, but a bit boring blog-wise. I decided that since I'm not longer live streaming (for now), I have more time to put into blogging (and everything else). As you can see, unless this is the first time you're here (Hi!), or you have just never paid attention (good possibility), I have a new lay out for my blog. With the new lay-out and style of the blog I'm getting a new domain too, which you will read about when the time has come. I shall post it on both my social media and here when it's been accepted and finalized :).

So what is this new direction we're heading in?

Glad that you ask, or didn't.
I have gathered quite some ideas over the past weeks, I will obviously still reflect on the things I have done, share pictures, songs and quotes that I'll have made and/or come across. On top of that there'll be some new additions. I will post monthly goals that I'll set for myself, certain recipes of things I made and loved, lists with things that interest/not interest me, tips and tops and maybe even certain challenges! I also have my first trip home coming up and might even try to do my first ever 'vlog'. With that said, if you have any comments or questions you can always comment on these blogs or hit me up on my social media! (Links are next to the 'arkiv' button under the header of the page). I am really excited for these changes since I am trying to turn my whole life upside down a bit, which I will reflect on in another post! (once again, don't worry.)

So I think that was it for now and I will start working on a new blogpost tomorrow!
Thanks for everyone who read this and as always,

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