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Hey, hey, hello, hi~
I know i know i know i know i KNOW.
I said I was going to post more often..
But to be honest with you guys, nothing has happened.
I mean, nothing story-worthy..
Life has just continued, we haven't done anything exciting.
One thing I do want to get off my chest though, is how happy I am that it's Daylight Saving Time now.
As much as I love the winter (because I really REALLY do), I am so happy that it's light.
We had a couple of nice days too, around 10-13 degrees Celsius, but it's amazing.
Got to go out without a jacket, and even wore the ballerina flats which I have been aching to wear since September last year! I feel like I want to do more, and that I can do more.
I am actually starting the Focus T25 work out on monday, and am looking forward to it.
Let's shed those kilos, the Lord knows I need it.
I also, finally, went to a Språkcafe yesterday.
It was alright, nothing too special or difficult, except for the fact that the man that my classmate and I were talking to was an older man who was a little hard to understand. But it was alright. We got to do some exercises that we do basically every day in school. Might go again next week, might not. It's kind of nice to get out of the appartment either way.
Can't wait for the warm weather to come back, so I can go for nice walks in spring weather and maybe take my camera on a date to the park or something?

Think that's it for now.
I honestly hope to be back here more often with nice pictures I took whilst being out and about in the sun.
^ mind the word HOPE.
Also, check out my previous post. It's a picture I took yesterday whilst walking back from the Språkcafe. Not even edited. The skies never fail to amaze me here.