I have returned.

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I'm sorry for going AWOL, but I am back- kind of, sort of, yeah..
So a while back I explained why and how on my Twitch stream, I figured I should post it on this blog too.
Basically, long version short, it didn't work out between me and my (now) ex.
After deciding splitting up was the best thing to do before we'd start to hate each other I moved back to Amsterdam.. where I've been for the past 2 weeks now.
I literally haven't sat still ever since, which is also why this blog post is late- then again, what else is new?
We arrived on monday evening, and tuesday afternoon I got a job, which I started the day after.. on wednesday.

Ever since I've just been running around trying to take care of everything, which isn't easy.
I only have sundays and mondays off (for now), which makes doing things with the municipality a pain in the butt.. and now it's the easter weekend too, so even today I can't get important shit done.
Either way, this job is basically until September because I hope to get accepted into uni to study International Business.
Which I find incredibly exciting! So I keep my fingers crossed :)
I'll make sure to post a full on update on how the journey went etc soon, whenever I have the time and energy to do so. I haven't had a proper sleep since I came back, I keep waking up every 2 hours and it's draining me.
But now atleast you have some kind of idea of what's going on and why and how and where and such.

Alright, Damsel out.