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It's been roughly a month since I last posted. This is mostly due to my new job, settling in there and taking time for myself where I can. The last weeks have been quite busy for me. The weekends have been filled with things to do/places to go, and the past weeks after work I've been very tired!
On top of that I had my last set of wisdom teeth extracted last week which resulted into me taking lots of painkillers which made me sleepy and therefor lots of naps! The next couple of weekends are still going to be busy, but mostly with fun stuff!
For instance, next weekend my boyfriend surprised me with a night at a hotel, which means bath bombs galore! Not only will we be indulging in luxurious baths and swimmingpools, we will also visit my favourite zoo EVER. Aardvarks here we come again! We were there for my birthday last year, but they've expanded this spring so I'm excited to see what they've added. I also hope it'll be better weather because they have all these tropical enclosures too. Last year I wasn't feeling so great after because we went from hot to cold areas a few times.
After we return from the zoo we are going to be housesitting his sisters house for a week. They have a super sweet kitty (and a bath tub) so I'm excited about that too! I won't be there the entire week as my job will not cover the traveling costs if I don't live there and it's a quite expensive. But I will atleast be there the first weekend, and the last too. As his sisters come back it'll be the first birthday of their adorable daughter (who we love spoiling to bits, and makes babyfever incredibly hard to deal with at times) which will also be lots of fun!
The weekend after that I should meet up with my 2 best friends, if all goes well, which I haven't seen since one of them had a kid. Or well, I've seen them but we haven't hung out together since April? And after that I'm finally plan-free for the weekends! They'll probably get filled up with things but I'm going to try to keep them empty for a while.
I'm super grateful and happy that I have thursdays off so I can keep those for myself and have some me-time. Which will still have streams in the evening, because that's my schedule now, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8:30 PM (Gmt+1) until 11:30 PM (more or less). Maybe some impromptu streams , or on thursday during the day if I feel rested enough. Feel free to drop by some time!
Thursday I will try and finish the 'Get to know me' series and see what we'll do next! Make sure to send me your questions here (anonymously), or through my instagram or twitter! I won't post your name with the question unless you want that. Expect lots of pictures after next weekends trip!