New beginnings

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As we all know, spring is the season of new beginnings. Flowers begin to bloom, birds lay eggs, the world rejuvinates after a long, cold and dark season and everything flourishes. This spring also bears new beginnings for me. As we are nearing summer, a time where everything relaxes and takes it's time to just be, I am expecting to be quite busy.

As you all know I've been unemployed since May 21st of this year, and had a rough time afterwards. With the ovarian cysts and wisdomteeth extraction it's been a painful couple of months, which halted my search for employment. Add to that a poor mental health and it almost became nihil. We have since crawled back up a fair amount, I had looked for jobs and landed a job with a big company in Amsterdam. I am very proud to say that I shall be doing the customer service for them. From the 17th until the 28th of this month I will have a training from 08.30 until 17.00 after which I shall actually begin working.
I'll work Monday until Wednesday, and Fridays, which gives me time to clean,stream, blog and do whatever needs to be done.

Now that I actually have an income again, my boyfriend and I have also started looking for apartments. It's very exciting since this is the first time I actually am looking for apartments, and my boyfriend never moved out of his parental home before. It feels like everything can't happen fast enough! We are very lucky that he has a large family that helps us with what to look out for, and send us appartments to look at. Heck, even come with us when we go and view the appartment!

I'm happy to say I'm in a much better place again, and we're trying our best to not get overwhelmed by everything. I'm going to take it easy, as I am quite nervous about starting this new job. Obviously I've worked with the same crew for about 4 years, so getting started in a new work environment, with new colleagues, in a job I've never experienced is quite..intimidating. However, I have confidence that it will be okay.
Now all I need to survive is my second wisdomteeth extraction on the 9th of July. They're taking out both of my right wisdomteeth this time. Wish me good luck!

Next week I will post updates about the training and also do the next 10 questions of the 'Get to know me' series. Don't forget to send me your questions, whether it is here, on instagram or twitter! Anonymous is absolutely fine as I will not publish your name, unless you want to.

Until next time ❀


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