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Another week has passed which means another blogpost, as promised. My week has been pretty nice, laid back with a few hiccups, but overall good!
We're dong the second part of the ''Get to know me'' series. As always, if you have any questions you can ask them and I will answer them in the next post. Whether it is here, anonymously, on twitter through DMs or instagram, it's all good. I will not publish your name unless you state that you want me to. Here we go!
  • Do you have any special talents?
    I'm thinking really hard about this, but I honestly don't know. I have a toe that I can wiggle but other than that.. no idea. I know people feel like they can talk to me, and get comfortable quite easily, but I'm not sure if that qualifies as a special talent.

  • Where were you born?
    Born in Amsterdam, in the house I currently live in, in the room that I call mine.

  • What’s your zodiac sign? Do you believe in it?
    I am a Scorpio. I'm not sure if I believe in astrology, but I do notice that a lot of people with the same zodiac sign share certain characteristics. So I'm a skeptical, but would think it's amazing if it was real.

  • What are your hobbies?
    I don't really have hobbies that I do frequently. I mean I play video games, but I wouldn't necessarily call that a hobby? I dabble in photography and I sing a little. I am however learning how to crochet!

  • Do you have any pets?
    Well, they're not really my pets. My parents have a dog and a new kitten, but when I leave the house those will be left with them. My ex and I used to have a cat, but he lives with my ex in Sweden. I am however getting a cat as I'm moving out. My uncle has 8 or 10 cats, and there's one that is very shy in the big group. She's super sweet and always greets me when I walk down the street if she is out. We made a deal that I will have her, so that she can relax, and I have a kitty to cuddle with! (Yes I will include a photo of mums new kitten, Japie.)

  • Do you have any siblings?
    I have two half brothers from my dad's previous marriage. Didn't meet them until I was 15 and 18. We don't have a lot of contact, but that's understandable. They're both busy men with wives, children and jobs. Even though we don't really speak a whole lot, or meet often, I do feel like I can always count on my youngest brother. His personality is just wonderful and he's just a really warm guy. When I met him, I actually felt like I had a brother and he made me feel incredibly welcome. My older brother, not so much. I have nothing against him, but there wasn't the same warmth. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect it, but it felt really differently. I wish I could spend more time with them and their families, as they all seem like amazing people. Growing up I sort of knew I had brothers, and when I was little I always wanted a baby brother. I don't know if you could say that I missed it, the big family feeling. But it was rough sometimes knowing that it could be there, but isn't. Either way that isn't a problem anymore, as my boyfriend has 6 siblings.

  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
    HA. When I grew up I wanted to be everything. From lawyer to veterinarian, from librarian to doctor, from housewife to teacher. Now? I don't know. I'm still looking for a study that suits me, or a job I really like. I definitely know what I don't want. That's becoming an optician and working in retail.

  • Who was your first best friend?
    My first best friend was a girl who's name I will keep a secret. She lived in the same neighbourhood as me and I absolutely adored her. So much so that I even changed schools to spend more time with her. We went on a holiday together, and for a while spent every breathing moment around each other. We've had so many sleepovers, parties, ''kinder disco's'', all these memories. We went on a camping trip with her family. Played so many videogames together, climbed trees, we were literally inseparable. But so came the end of elementary school and we had to go to highschool. We went to different schools and as we grew up, we also grew apart. I still think that that's a shame, I cherish so many memories and when I hear certain songs I will always think of her and the funny things and scenario's we used to make up. She still lives in the neighbourhood with her boyfriend, I wish her nothing but the best. You will always be one of the best (if not the best) childhood memories.

  • How tall are you?
    I am 1.62 m or 5''3.

  • What is the least favourite thing about yourself?
    The constant need to doubt myself. In everything. Whether it's a mental issue, a physical issue, doesn't matter I always think I'm not good enough, don't deserve it or can't do it.

  • *How do you define happiness?
    Happiness is when life fulfills your needs.

  • *How do you define success?
    When you try your hardest and feel accomplished, knowing you made an effort to do something. Doesn't matter if you succeed in said thing.
    Let's say you want to run a marathon, but you're physically unable to actually run it. You walk it instead. Knowing you didn't do it as fast as you would've wished, but still made it to the finish line is success.

    ^ Everyone meet Japie Drum, my mums new kitten so I guess in a way my little brother.
    *Little disclaimer: These plants are NOT toxic to cats, I made very sure of it.

    Next week we'll do another 10 of these questions(with additional questions if you ask them), and depending on whether I'm going somewhere I will do an extra blogpost!
    I'll see you next week my loves!

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